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Tonight’s topics:⁣⁣⁣ ⁣⁣⁣⁣⁣⁣⁣
– The struggles of balancing personal versus work life
– Owning a Business vs. Working for a Company
– Transitioning to Private Venue

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What up world? We are live. How’s it going? going on man? It’s happening brother back again for another week to Yuk it up and have a good time and have some fun. We’re gonna have a great time. Yeah, I feel like I feel like I’ve seen you like all day to day, right? It’s been all day. We had a good event earlier. That was a lot of fun with our guests. Yeah, actually, our guest on tonight was hosting that event. So we’ve basically been with her all day as

well. Just keep the party going. What else you’ve been up to this week? Oh man, it’s been a good week. Did this another had a wedding shoot did it was that this week? Last week? Last week was winning shoot this week was a I did a gym shoot with one of the good guys I’ve worked out a lot. He’s getting ready to turn pro or it’s a beast. He’s monster dude. Yeah, he’s crazy. And really excited about some of the stuff coming up with that got some good stuff in the works there and dude also on the Tom Petty fest Oh, yeah. Yo, that lineup is crazy. I don’t know if you guys want to get some good music post. Malone’s on the lineup. Okay. Lenny Kravitz. Great great lineup great music so my video might might be might be getting on there man with Mr. Cool. So I think it will awesome man.

How would a name for a band Mr. Cool. I think it’s I think a great name. Yeah, dude. Mr. Cool. So how’s your week, bro? My week was good. I had two weddings this weekend? over the treasuring? Yeah. So and shout out to our sponsor request. Now we were like breaking record. Yeah, you’re like breaking records with photos being sent in and, you know, requests coming in, it was actually was really cool to interact with people and like, you know, for those that are not familiar with the program request now when, when guests text in their music request, they’re, you know, you’re able to interact back to them and say, you know, hey, your songs coming on next or something like that. And it’s just kind of really neat to see them react to that. There was a couple of people that came over to me and like, during dinner time, they made a request of some really, like, if you were to rate songs that like ABCD level, they were asking like f level songs, and they’re like, and they were like, yeah, I didn’t even think you would play that and I’m gonna go up. Yeah, well, and I’m like, it’s it’s dinnertime, so all bets are off. Like I’m not worried about you know, what’s going to happen during dinner time. Right? Right. So Oh, my boy Dawson. Hi, what up, homie? What up, Dawson? appreciate you being on Dawson. I thought you were supposed to be on something else. Oh, that’s tomorrow night. Oh, catch Dawson. Hi. By the way, my dude, Dawson catch him tomorrow. And I think it’s tomorrow night that he’s gonna be on or it might be tonight. I don’t know Dawson Tell me if I’m wrong, man. But I want to I want to shout it out. Right. So let me know when you’re going to be on doing doing the old nasty little 90s hackathon type, man. It’s gonna be pretty dope. So anyways, just that interaction with them. And I was like, Yeah, like all bets are off, but it was just funny for them to come up. Yeah. And you keep saying copyright like that’s technically and for some reason, still the most requested songs are really

ridiculous. That’s hilarious. I’m totally joking.

No, absolutely. And hey, hey, hey, what’s up? What’s up? What’s going on? Your good friend Facebook user hitting us up? Yeah. And he gets on who this is. Hey, gents. That’s that’s a new one to me. I haven’t seen that one before. So, okay, here we go. Yeah, so Dawson’s on in one hour. So right. We’re gonna try to be done in time for all of our DJ friends. By the way, our friends at the DJ vol group and the DJ is helping DJs group if you’re watching us in that group tonight. You know if you’re if you’re part of crate hackers, you definitely want to catch up with Dawson high tonight. And if you’re not part of Cray hackers, you should be hackers. Yeah, you know what I mean? But one more thing about requests now and then I’ll move on. But the really fun thing. Oh, it’s Thomas. Hey, Thomas. Nice to see you, man. Hey, Thomas, by the way, just so you let you know and everybody else watching know that if you’d like for your name, and your Facebook photo to be shown in the description above, there’s a little link that says give stream yard permission to show your social security number novocaine doesn’t do that. But you know something to that effect, then we’ll see your face and your name. And we don’t have to call you Facebook user. Alright, let me try this again. So the photos, the photos that people were sending, and it was really super cool. Actually. I wonder if I wonder if I could do it real quick. Yeah, let me see if I could do this real quick. So on the broadcast now talk about your life for a minute. Let me see if I can pull this up.

Just man. Well, life is going really pretty good right now considering considering everything that’s going on. I mean, we’ve overdone everything. I mean, I really feel like it was kind of like a revitalization almost like to start getting back into doing events and stuff like that. So it was awesome. So even like today like we had we had a an event today at TPC McCarley, it was it was really awesome. And just getting back into that type of flow was is amazing. So it really is like like revitalizing but let’s see it Alright, so let me see if I can do this man. I don’t I don’t know if Yeah, there we go. So you see right here. Oh, I gotta come over here. I got so many things going on. So yeah, so you know people were texting in their photos, selfies and stuff like that from the wedding I saw

and I just thought it was really neat to be able to share these photos with everybody. Luckily enough, somebody even caught one of me, which was kind of cool. Doing what I do. And I think there’s another one that’s a little more clear. This one’s a little clearer. So, you know, shout out the button gear with that dope ass button gear.

And when an hour

Yeah, so this was just kind of neat. And then look at this sweet picture of the bride and groom. Oh, by the way, look at his tux dude, or his suit or whatever. Like, look at the pattern on that suit. That pinstripe? Oh, no, it’s not pinstripe dude. Look, darling. It looks like just like honeycomb dude.

You know what it reminds me of, you know, like, Louis Vuitton? Like how they have that kind of like, yeah, that’s, that’s awesome. Yeah. Are they doing dancing with the clouds to where they are?

Yeah, absolutely. So, you know, just in a really, really neat feature, just a really cool thing to share with the bride and groom. I mean, obviously, it’s not professional photos, it’s just photos from people taking selfies and, and this is just a small portion of the ones that were there. So that was a it was a lot of fun. There’s a lot of fun to do that. Thomas says he doesn’t see that link. So I’m gonna exit full screen. Remove, there we go. So I’m going to go ahead and let you talk for a second. Sure. One more time. And I’m gonna try to get this out here for Thomas. And then we’ll keep moving.

Man, what else is going on? I think this is also a great time to like we kind of talked about last week, we implemented workflows and that kind of stuff. And I’ll tell you like, that was inspiring to me. Like I really, honestly started going through my workflow again, going through my emails and my automated stuff like that and going, going through all that and, and kind of improving it and seeing where I can change. He’s also just getting organized to like, I felt like I was super disorganized. You know, with kind of everything going on. Like a few last few weeks, you know, this week, I just had to get organized. So it feels good. definitely feels good to be organized. But yeah, I definitely been in been incorporating some of the workflow stuff with with tarika, which was huge shout out to target because that was that was awesome, dude. And we had, do we have books on it? Yeah,

yeah. Oh, my goodness. We

talked about that for like, half Go for it. Let me just let me just tell Thomas real quick. I just put that there we go. Yeah. Perfect. Yeah, go ahead. Sorry,

man, we have books on I can’t believe we forgot that it was so it was so good. Oh, my goodness, the amount of information and like just the how refined it was, like it literally went without a hitch for like, almost the entire day. Like I every time I was on there, like it was a perfect flow. There is no cut outs or anything like that. I mean, man shout out to the people or books on it cuz they did a great job. And the content was so valuable. Like I was telling you, I told him and I was like taking notes and stuff. Yeah. And there’s so much stuff that I was like, man, like, this is really good. And I can go back and implement this.

Well, you know, it’s it’s so important, I think, for people to continue to keep educating themselves. And while you know, it depends on what part of the country you’re in right now. Like we were we were talking with, you know, we were talking with Matt last night from request now about how he’s, you know, he’s in New York, right? It’s like, against the law, different world drone event, like, you know, they’re gonna chop your hands off if you try to DJ event or something like this. So, you know, I feel I feel for folks and you guys that are watching, like, let us know what what’s it looking like where you’re at? Ya know, give us some feedback in the comments. Like, what’s it looking like where you guys are at as far as doing events? Are you doing events like Nick and I are both in Florida. So for us, I mean, we’re back to working again, fortunately. And yeah, I know, everybody’s gonna have their own personal opinion about it. And that’s okay, whatever. But at the end of the day, man, I want to see people thrive. I want to see people grow. And that’s the reason why we do this in the first place. And so if you’re not working, then the next best thing you can do is continue to keep educating your education and improving improving your what you’re doing your workflows and how you operate. For sure. Your business operations. Yeah, so I know we’ve got some people watching right now. Maybe they’re not listening to me. Let me try it again. How are things going in your neck of the woods, please put that in the comments. Just curious to see. There we go. Oh, Thomas is jumping in. Thank you. Hi. All right. So my do Thomas says weddings are happening reduce capacities wearing masks. Unless you are seated. Yeah, absolutely. That makes sense. And that’s kind of how it is where we are. Thomas, where are you? Where are you located at? There we go. He read my mind Northern Michigan. Perfect. Well, the good thing is you’re out there working man. So I’m glad to hear that. I’m glad to hear that he’s out there. And for the people that aren’t working yet. Just stay strong. You know, keep pushing as you know, things will get better eventually get back to normal. We are not living in COVID for the remainder of our existence is like it will eventually pass. So keep the faith and stay tuned. Yeah, I mean, it’s definitely something to take seriously, but it’s also definitely something that like you said is not going to be here forever. So I’m with us. Yeah, let’s do come hang out with us every Tuesday night ain’t got anything else to do. You know, this is this is more fun than a party with no chicks and booze and that what they used to say on Whose Line is it anyways, speaking of booze, not that we have any in here but you I thank you for reaching back there because I was looking around for the the old Dr. Pepper there and I couldn’t find one. So I’m glad you did. Now Should we tell what happened last week definitely

went off. It’s not stovies.

Hey, what’s up, Donnie? Thanks for jumping on buddy. Hey, Donnie, how are things going in your in your neck of the woods up there, bro? Cuz I know that. I know that you guys were doing some pretty dope stuff for a while doing some projections up on buildings and things like that. But how is the event? You know, typical wedding event world going in Danny’s world? A 23. Oh, thanks, man. Yeah, thank you. We had to put that up to celebrate to go. Hey, man. Give me a little cheers there. He’s man. I’m already I’m already diving in. It’s all good. So right at the very end of last week’s episode, my buddy, my co host, my good friend, my chum here, Nick decided to take a his full tervis tumbler cup of Dr. Pepper. Because we didn’t use these for some reason. It was very fun to just basically dump it directly on our mix board.

And though Yeah, there’s that a new mix board will be here tomorrow.

So there’s a man, it happens did happen, man. Alright, so Donnie says in venues 50% capacity, no dancing? Oh, no, Donny, you’re done. Are you in New York? Or where are you at? I know you’re up north somewhere. But I just can’t remember if you’re in New York or Jersey, where are you located at? Or I might be totally off base? I don’t know. I mean, one of those days

as long. It’s unfortunate that there is no dancing, but the fact that events are happening in any capacity. I would consider that a W.

Yeah. So absolutely.

Without a doubt like the Dodgers are gonna get tonight.

Oh, going shade already throwing shade already. Just kidding. All right. So Donnie says if the event is done at a location without a liquor license on site, dancing is allowed. Interesting. Interesting, very interesting. So it’s really it’s really intriguing, Nick, if you think about it, it’s really intriguing how all the different markets that we’re all in the different rules that are kind of out there. Yeah, no one set way of things going. Yeah. And yeah, he said New York. 15 minutes north of Manhattan. Okay. Yeah, I thought you were in New York, Donnie, but I just didn’t. I don’t know why. I don’t know why I question myself.

I mean, cool that you live in New York. Not cool that the events are being

kind of strict. Yeah, that’s definitely not cool.

Definitely not cool. We’re getting there. I mean, it’s progress. So that’s

got to be well, we love you guys. And we’re here to support you guys. So keep, keep pushing hard. And I’ll tell you one thing for those of you other folks that are watching, Donnie lewis is the king of friggin cake mapping and the king of monogram projections. So if you don’t know Donnie Lewis, he’s a good guy to know if you’re into doing those types of things. What do you have there? Sour Patch Kids. Sour Patch. kids got it. All right, Kyle, are we are we ready to jump into this thing? It’s been cool minutes. Let’s go. Alright, so here’s the thing. I really got a you know, this is tonight is such a cool night to me. Because, number one, our guest is somebody that I think that our viewers are probably going to want us to bring back over and over and over again, first and foremost. Secondly, I think there’s this stigma in our industry, that if, if if you try to say if you try to start a business, no matter what it is DJ business, cake making, business, wedding planning, business, whatever, if you start it, and it doesn’t really work out well for you, and you have to go maybe get a job in corporate America or maybe in you know, somewhere within the industry, like maybe at a venue or something like that, right? Like some people don’t they consider that a failure or like, less than a situation and I and I really wish that that wasn’t the case. You know what I mean? Because at the end of the day, you know, there’s so many variables to why things succeed or don’t succeed. Yeah. And if you’re able to if you’re able to thrive and you’re able to take care of whether it’s yourself or your family, or whatever it is, if you’re able to do that at whatever capacity capacity Yeah, then I just don’t I just don’t think people should have put so much pressure on themselves to to say, Oh, I tried to start a business and the business failed and now I’m a failure. Not that not true at all. Not true at all. Because sometimes and what’s great is that Carly who’s on with us tonight, her story is an exhibit exact example of how sometimes having that business right and being seen by the right people set you up for something in the future that you never even knew was gonna exist and

you can do something even larger than yourself. Yeah, I mean, that’s one thing that I always think is so just incredible is when if you if whether you’re a teacher or you’re working for another company, you are contributing to something larger than yourself. So that is always admirable and I always looked at that is as a huge win. So

big Dawg Ernie, check in Hey, what’s up Bernie? Good, bro. Alright, so in true david fashion, I’m gonna I’m gonna review Carly’s bio here and then we’ll go over Yeah, then we’ll go and bring her on. So Carly Rodriguez in 1980 1998 kind of started her career in life in Miami as a neonatal ICU rn. And then in 2004. She started a company called with this ring in Korea. abraded and receive professional bridal consultant certification with association of bridal consultants ABC great organization, which by the way, you know, even if you’re not a bridal consultant you can be a part of that association is like a or like a vendor or they call it something I don’t know they call it something different but you don’t have to be a wedding planner to be a member of that organization and people really should 2012 and 2014 she started as a director of sales, sunset harbor Yacht Club, and 2014 to 2019. The shores Resort and Spa in Daytona Beach. Nice. Yeah, she was a catering sales manager there. And then in 2019, she made her way up north to join us up here in beautiful Ponte Vedra, Florida at the TPC sawgrass as a catering sales manager. So, Carly, we’re gonna bring you in to join us right now. How are you darling? Good to see you What’s going on?

Good to see you guys.

I feel like we just saw you.

And if those of you who are watching or wondering, no, Carly did not coordinate my hair and her shirt. I promise you it was not coordinated that Wow, it just ended up that way.

It looks good. I mean, that’s a good color combo.

It’s what we do. Here. It’s what we do. So So how you been Carly, since we last saw

three hours ago? Yeah. Good. Good. Everything’s good.

So let’s, wow, neonatal ICU rn. Yeah, that’s it. That’s it. That’s like a big transition from that, to this wedding world. So So tell us a little bit about that experience. Incredible.

Um, well, growing up, I mean, my career, I knew I was going to be a nurse, you know, I had eight older brothers and sisters. And I’ve always even being the youngest, I’ve always baby to everybody. So they knew my whole family knew that I was gonna become a nurse. So of course, with babies because they’re my life. So I’m started very young knows, I graduated nursing school down in Miami at age 21. And to be put into level three, which, if anybody’s out there knows, medical level three is pretty much a good high acuity level that is down in Miami, so it was very intense, was very emotional, it was physically exhausting, because I work the night shift, which is 7pm to 7am. And it wasn’t always a good outcome. So to deal with the socioeconomic status of people who, basically we had 12 year olds having babies, you know, and 15 year olds who are on their second or third child, and it got to be a point I’m like, I need to find with normal newborns are being born because they were just, it was just so it was one after another, you know, and I would have, if I could have three patients, I could have two coding at the same time. So we’re running a code on this, we’re reading code on this one, and you’re just like, your night never settles, you know, there’s always something going on there. Because these babies were, honestly, they’re two pounds, and less, oh, my God, it like in the palm of your hand. But as I will premise, the whole conversation we’re going to have, I do believe that what you have learned in the past, can follow you and serve you in the future. So I did that for a few years moved up to Daytona. I just burned out of nursing, basically. And I wanted to find what my passion was. And my passion. I remember going into a real estate course, went through the whole real estate course, six weeks, two times a week, you know, whatever. And I remember sitting there and I had wedding planning books, and I had real estate books, and I need to study for the real estate. I’m like, I probably make some good money in real estate. But I remember like, always go into the wedding planning books, and I thought, and then I pick up the real estate books, and I’m like, I couldn’t even read a line because I couldn’t focus. And I just thought, you know what? Throw the real estate book away. Here’s your passion over here. So let’s do it now. I’m so at 39 years old. I totally made a career change, and decided to do weddings and events. I have my first wedding. I was 15 years old, and it was my sister’s wedding. And I remember getting older and I say to her, why would you trust me to do your wedding? She’s like, you did a really good job. I just thought okay, well, we’re gonna go with that. And I just remembered that was Facebook

user. Sorry.

Yeah. They’re yelling your name.

Hey, Matt. Matt.

So it was a good transition. I loved it. Um, however, you know, like we have situations that happen in our lives. I was also going through a pretty serious divorce. And I had two children at the time young and but I had to make money I had to keep going and I did it for several years but being in Daytona I had to head up to Jacksonville. I had to head down to Orlando to make the real money, you know, cuz it’s just money was, and of course, you want to have your fun with your kids on the weekend. And when no, when our weddings guys


schedule? Yeah,

that’s probably the biggest challenge of this industry. And when your apparent,

true, and it wasn’t until I remember my son, Carson had said to me, I remember one weekend, he looked at me, and I’m like, we got we’re gonna go do something on, you know, Sunday afternoon, or whatever it was. And we’re, we got out of the car, we’re walking, he looks over at me and he goes, You look so familiar. Are you like, it broke my heart because I kept having to ship them off to people on the weekends. And then I thought, you know what, I got away that a second put this on the scale and be like, I can’t keep missing the best times of their lives. And keep doing this. So I found sunset Harbor, and I kept doing weddings there and the director of sales at the time, took me out to dinner and said, you do a great job with our weddings here. Would you be interested in being catering sales manager here. And so I stayed there for a couple years, and it actually closed. Um, so I was fortunate enough and blessed enough to get job at shores Resort and Spa. And always in the back of my mind when I started my wedding planning business. I remember I would journaler. So I like to journal things. And I remember way back when my brother who was a big golfer, I told him I was opening up my wedding planning business. And he says to me, well, you’re not a real wedding planner to get to TPC, and I’m like TPC. What?

Thank you Facebook users. Thank you.

Yeah. So I started Googling. TPC sawgrass. And I’m like, and I wrote in my journal, no, I was writing. Okay, one day TPC sawgrass shipping.

That’s so good. I’ve actually never heard this story. So that’s so cool. That’s

never thinking that so I’m working at the shores. You know, I have my very best friend Liz Hogan. Everyone knows Liz how again. And she moved. She was in sales and I was catering sales manager on the shores. We had an office. We always used to kid and we were going to cut out cut out in the wall of windows so we get to see each other.


We were always in each other’s office getting in trouble because our you know, our managers were like you always spending too much time and I’m like we are productive.

Hey, Sal, just saying hi, real quick. Sorry, Carly. I’m gonna probably jump in all the time on these guys. I apologize.

Um, so she moved up here and it just really was hard for me. I felt like I lost that really big part of my life. And my kids were growing up. They were going off to college and my daughter is now 27. She’s a nurse in Orlando. My son is 23. He’s at the University of Florida. Go Gators. And he’s in the engine engineering department. And he is one year away from graduating. So when it got to the point of being at the shores and I thought I don’t have an empty nester, now I can do whatever I want. I can I’ve been in Port Orange Ormond Beach area for like 29 years or a long time. Yeah. And I’m kind of a comfort person. Like I’m like once I get settled. I don’t don’t rock my boat. You know? It’s Yeah, it’s a beautiful, beautiful hotel. And then I got an offer to boy Hector chicken was

one of our DJs that works with us, Hector, what’s up, man?

Oh, I got an offer to come up to talk to TPC sawgrass. Wow,

that must have been like a world stopping moment. Like, I can’t even imagine what it feels like.

I only thought in pictures. Yeah. My brother’s like you know, you’re on TV. And I’m like, You’re what so I really had to do some research. But you know, you know the caliber when you drive up championship way and that little kindness driveway.

Yeah, it’s literally like the most prestigious golf course in the world.

Oh, and by the way, we’re backyard by the way. When we came up there this morning we saw an alligator just chilling just chilling out by the water and hanging out having a good time saw Tom Garrison’s turtles. Yeah, it was. It was a gator doing Gator things.

Run out there for you. That’s

too funny. With before you before you keep going there, Carly. Just real quick. Just want to tell everybody Hello Facebook user. Nice to see everybody bigger and Sunday. up for golf Yeah, you know it around him and another Facebook user Hey sorry guys the reason why it says Facebook user is because you haven’t given stream yard which is if you look in the comments at the very top there there’s a comment that says to give stream yard permission to show your name and and photograph so we just have to guess who you are or you can be like Sal who just lets me know haha itself. Guys we’re on tonight with a really good friend of ours really good friend of ours, Carly Rodriguez. And we’re just talking a little bit about kind of that transition from, you know, working in this industry and working for yourself. And we’re gonna really dive into some really interesting things about this. And then maybe having to make you know, a transition in a different direction and maybe what people would deem corporate America or working for the man or something like that, and, and how you know, you really shouldn’t look at that. As a fail. You shouldn’t look at that. Hey, Liz Stewart. Good to see you. Thank you for watching tonight. I always have something in my hand when we’re doing this.

Do it these things. These things?

What do I do? What do I do?

The heck your city loves performing at TPC? Hell yeah, we all do. We all do. You can’t

not love doing it. You remember the first time I got to even like, be there. I was with you. And I was like it was sunset. And it’s just no words. Yeah, absolutely no word. Yeah, for

Absolutely. And one other shameless plug, just just while we have everybody’s attention. We have we have listed all of our social medias up here. And if you guys aren’t following us, please do and I promise you, we’ll follow you back. We really want to connect with you guys. So down here, or over here or up there or somewhere. Let’s definitely connect on social media literally follow everyone back. Me too.

Yeah, I will not not follow you. Yeah, so

yeah. And not only that, but let’s interact, you know what I mean? Let’s not just be like ghost ghost friggin followers, like, you know, hey, we follow each other, but we never talk to each other. Like, that’s, I don’t know, just be all up in your comments. seems weird, right? You know, and I’m gonna I’m gonna shout you out when you post a dope ass photo or something like that. Like, I’m gonna say something about it. Right. Sorry, Carly, back to you. Back to you. Sorry. That was just our little shameless plug. Also, by the way, guys, if you have questions, or you have anything for Carly, drop it in the comments, we’ll make sure and get that to her. So Carly, talk a little bit about I know you I know, you talked about kind of the personal aspect of this thing. But talk a little bit, just talk on a little bit that maybe some of the emotions or the feelings when you were like, Okay, I’m a business owner. And I’m kind of being asked to give up my business to go into a job. And maybe just some of those feelings and how you how you work through that stuff.

Yeah, for sure. You know, when you own your own business, you’re the one in charge of everything. So a lot lands on your shoulders, and you got to keep the wheels moving. And you got to depend on people. And it’s it’s a really stressful but gratifying at times. It just was my situation kind of led me to really make this decision that I had to work for a venue. But it was worth it because it was for my kids. But I did go through a period of time of I didn’t accept the job right away at sunset Harbor, because I felt like a failure. I really did. I thought I had this business for almost 10 years. Yeah, only me. But I failed. And I have come to terms with the reason why I got that job at the firm at sunset harbor the venue is because of the time that I put it in with my business with this ring. If I were to walk you off the street with no experience at sunset Harbor, weddings, they would have hired me. So I had to like change my mind and the way I was thinking and say if you hadn’t gotten all this experience knowledge all this would have never gotten the job.

That’s so true. That’s such a great point

like it.

This is Matt Peterson by the way I know it is because I’m looking over at the stream now. So Matt Pearson, what’s up? He’s gonna be joining us in a couple weeks Matt’s gonna be joining us on an episode. Sorry, go ahead. Sorry, sorry. Anyway, I was just gonna say

Oh, man.

I was just gonna say that it was like you don’t think you’re developing like skills and but you really are like, this is like you’re setting yourself up for whatever in the future. I mean, truthfully, if David wanted to pack it in right now, like he could go pretty much do almost I feel like anything he wanted in the event and radio space. Not Dude, I’m not trying to blow your own trumpet man. Like, you know, I’m just saying like, it really is experienced and you’re cultivating like skills for that could set you up for something, you know, amazing in the future and clearly, like you’re a prime example of that. So that’s awesome to see and hear. So I

got to do a quick shout out to love us DJ low champagne, I think or I think that’s right. He said how can I watch the episode in the Below, actually, dude, just scroll up like scroll up and it’s up there. Yeah.

Earn earn the suck up is a real

try and I try not to toot his trumpet too much.

Well we have like a, we have a trumpet tuning Yeah, we sometimes have trumpet tuning contest. Trust me that’s not an X rated thing by the way, I promise you it’s just it’s very g rated. You’re the best bro.

No, you’re the best bro.

Well, they call it they call it a bromance, whatever they call those things, right? Kind of something like that.

Go ahead, sir. No, I was,

like kind of true. But don’t mind that. It’s fun. You are to Liz as David is to me. I think that’s a really good way.

He’s the dude, he man.

I just love people, man. And I you know, not only that, not only do I love people, I love seeing people succeed. Yeah, they’re there. I’m telling you right now that there is nothing more exciting to me. than to see the excitement on your face. When when today something happens

today, bro. I was like, literally, I just checked my email, right? Yeah, we’re at I think we’re sitting at lunch and, and I was like, oh, man, like I had a booking come through for a wedding. And he was like, he’s getting like, I’m like, torn up

and emotional and shut up. I mean, sorry. and stuff about it. Yeah, I forgot. This is not an X ray to show like our podcasts. And and it’s like, you know, there’s nothing more exciting to me than that. And it drives me and it fuels me. And and that’s why I love coming back every single week. And doing this show and helping the people that watch us and helping the people that watch the replay later on, hopefully, which apparently people do because those numbers keep going up too. So we appreciate you guys supporting us. We appreciate you guys watching us. Once again, if you guys have comments, questions, concerns, insults, you know, whatever, throw them in the DOM in the chat, man. We’re all about them. So Carly, you came up? Hold on one second. Look at this talk about a trumpet blower. No, I’m just kidding. I love I love Sal to death. I have never met anyone like David Hanscom. Yeah, someone that not only knows the business but genuinely cares that others do well. And it also that’s really true. That really, really good. I’m seriously about to cry right now. Just because that like you know how they say when you die. What do you want people to say about you? Like read this right here? Because that’s exactly what I want people to say about me. So Sal, thank you like, genuinely from the bottom of my heart. Thank you for that. Man. That’s so amazing that you said that. Thank you, Carly. So, you know, coming up here to TPC and kind of the the point of egil world is a is a big culture shock, probably from Daytona, like Nick and I were just down there doing some work with the VCB people down there shout out to those guys who had us come down and do some really dope stuff with them. But But how was that like that transition from, you know, Daytona and kind of a little bit more laid back a little bit more, you know, beach life to coming up to the country club. You know, they probably hated my hair today. Kind of kind of a lifestyle world’s most prestigious golf course that too. Yeah, that’s crazy to think about.

Yeah, I mean, I, I’ve always I mean, no matter where I’ve worked, I’ve always tried to keep like, high expectations of myself and try to encourage people to you know, just have the nicest wedding that will work for them or events that will work for them. So the shores Resort and Spa was at one point, the only five diamond resort on the beach, and then came in and now they got their five diamonds, you know, so it was a nice hotel. It really is a nice hotel. So we did some really, we did some nice weddings, but it’s just the level is. I mean, honestly, I’ll be completely honest. When I started at TPC, it was a little It was shocking. I have a lot of things going on, you know, moving someplace that you’ve lived for 29 years, moving by yourself starting a new job, trying to live in a new place. I mean, like you said, If I didn’t have Liz to help me, I, it would have been even harder. Let’s just say that. But yeah, I knew that. And one thing Liz always said to me, and I knew way down deep inside, but I thought it was like being what’s the word? Woo, like thinking? If I said, I’m really good at what I do. They are they’re happy to have me so they chose me for a reason. But I had a little bit of an I think it was not necessarily that it was the transition of everything I am up like I said, I’m like a like cozy stay in the same box. And so this was a big huge leap for me, but they hired me and so I had to kind of get myself back and realize that Okay, we’re going to another whole level. And this is this is gonna be a little bit different thing kind of ideas, how we plan and whatever But I, the minute I walked in the door, I was like, Oh my gosh, I still to this day, lose my breath over the place. I still and I probably will to the last day that I worked there, which he’ll be, I don’t know, 90 by that time. So I plan on going anywhere. But I do remember coming in and talking to my GM and saying, talking about the wedding package. When I was in the hiring process. I was in an interview. I remember being in his office and he said, here’s our wedding packages. And I looked at his wedding packages and I’m like, I’m I said, if you hire me or not, I’m just gonna give you my unsolicited advice your opinion. I sell that same amount and more in Daytona Beach. So we need to raise your prices, you need to raise your prices, because I said and he says this to the cities has actually said this statement and kind of said what I said, I said when I drive up championship way and see this gorgeous, beautiful entrance in this gorgeous Taj Mahal, then I come inside, and then you’re offering the dollar menu for your weddings, but the two don’t go together. Someone put in there what it’s worth, this place is gorgeous. It’s world renowned. We have you know, so he said, if you can do it, and we’re gonna we’re gonna move these packages and I’m still there. So I’ve been doing it. So having the confidence in yourself. When someone has said you know, we want you is to say, you are incredible again, john.

Yeah, look at there. We got a new hashtag trending here.

Yeah, it’s awesome. And of course, the staff there and everything is second to none. As you know, you guys have been

ridiculous. Yeah,

the butter chicken. Yeah.

I want that ball in my house.

That’s hilarious. Hector says I believe that most successful people that fail multiple times, however not giving up that’s so great. Actually. This guy right behind us talk. Talk. Talk about it all the time. Yeah. Sal didn’t know you guys had this show. Love it gonna share it yet. Please do. So please. Please share it with anybody. And thank you for doing that. Man. We’re, we’re here to help. Who wants to be helped. And we’re here to have fun. Who wants to have fun? So that’s some good advice. It’s like the best of both worlds, both worlds. Both. I’ve had one too many. Dr. Mancini, Dr. Pepper,

on the Dr. Pepper.

Bigger and so you’re making them hungry. Butter Chicken. It’s so good. And let me tell you something. When you is returning Ernie, I know that you said you were going to come see us soon. And when you do, we’ll get with Carly and make sure we can come over there and have lunch butter chicken. Oh, by the way, I was speaking at lunch, the lat now the last time that we were when we had lunch A while back, I think you were telling us about the story didn’t didn’t the didn’t the deal with TPC like the first time didn’t go through. And then something happened. Tell us about tell everybody about that. Because I think that’s a pretty important part of your drive and your determination of how all this played out.

Right. Um, so when my best friend moved up here, she happened to be in a networking if you wanted to get me up here, but I kept telling her, no, I got I just built the house down there in Port Orange, always very settled. And my job was perfect. Everything was where I wanted it to be. So of course, she talked about me and you know what my experience and knowledge was, she was in a network meeting and she was talking to the then director of catering. And they were looking for catering sales manager do other weddings. And so she, Liz had told her about me. And when they she said, Oh my gosh, she sounds perfect. And she goes, I want to talk to her. So she does a whole phone interview with me. And she’s like, Oh my gosh, oh, you sound great. You sound perfect. Everything is good, where you’re exactly what we’re looking for. And she says, but I just today gave the job to somebody else. And that was in October. That’s terrible. And I’m like, I got my hopes up, you know, you got like, okay, you’re not thinking we’re gonna move away. And then you got that deflation because you get the job. But it was because she hired somebody else. She goes by didn’t I probably would have hired you. So I did anything of it, that I was doing events and events and events and events, and I got to January. And I remember what a Friday night wedding and my phone was ringing like eight o’clock, and I was doing my wedding stuff. And it was like call me call me immediately and it was from her. The director of catering and she’s like things have changed. And I’m like, Well now I gotta just resell back into place. or not, my brain is back here again, I’m not going anywhere. I’m gonna sit here. And unfortunately, the person who had the position had a death in her family. She was awful. And she could no longer work there. So the position was open again. And so I had to come back up. And it just was like a lot of going through. But I really truly believe that if you listen and you’re aware of signs, if you believe in a higher power, then Lord will show you signs. You will hear signs people come into your life giving you those fines. And I just like you, you don’t have anything holding you back. I wasn’t married. We were grown. Still not married, by the way.

But anyway, folks watching, watching.

But anyway, so I was like, I’m going to take the plunge. And of course, you know, they offered me the job. So it was just so blessed. I felt so honored. And so every day that I walk in there, I I give 110% because I love it so much there. I love the people. I love the clients. I love meeting people, like you know, we’re social people. Here a love story, day after day after day. Not a bad thing. Sure, me and Nikki over here, you know what I’m saying? So, and just building on that and being able to Daytona kind of limited because of their budget here, right? Some of them were like, you know, have a budget.

Yeah. Man, I’d have experienced some of those folks over there. They’re like, we want like, we want you to like, come in on a helicopter needed like DJ DJing hanging upside down from the helicopter. We need to skydive

out of a plane and then land perfectly right on, right. I’m like, yeah,

it’s gonna be about 7 billion. And they’re like, all right, you know, do you take

cash yet what you need?

So, Carly, we actually have a question coming in from john. Real quick. Also, Sal, thank you for that, man. I really appreciate it. So thank you, for sure. So john is asking what’s your secret to your wedding planning success? Great question. That is a great question. Actually.

Um, so I’m gonna say right off the bat. Because I’m, I’ve come from always trying to educate yourself like it was it was just ingrained in me. Through my whole life, you’re going to go to college, and you’re going to get an education. And I knew very early in life, I was going to be a nurse. So in order to be a nurse, you got to go to college, you got to get the education. So I did that. And when I made that transition in 2004, contemplating wedding planning, I wasn’t like, you know what I was 15. And I did my sister’s wedding. I’m a wedding planner today. No,

we know a lot of people who do that though.

And I said, No, I’m going to get myself educated. I girl, find a great program that can certify me, I can learn. And then I can actually go out there with a true heart and say, Listen, I am a Certified Professional brought up with a very reputable company, the Association of consultants. And that’s, that’s pride, you know, and I consistently try to find things that I can do. I’m also certified and LGBTQ weddings, you know, we’re always doing certifications and something I’m always wanting to go to this seminar, that seminar, because education is just the key. That’s what

I give you a high five, like through the screen here. Like that’s I, the fact that we’re talking about this just makes me so happy because I’m literally in the same mentality. I’m always looking for certifications, you know, I’m working on my Premiere Pro certification right now. color grading certifications, like I think continued learning, like, that’s literally all you have, like, at the end of the day, like your knowledge is really like, like that’s it, you know what I write?

Well, and I honestly wish they I all really wish there were. We’re gonna like Earl and Sal just have a side conversation with each other over here, which is fine. We’re cool with that. You know, I’ve always been in Sal is definitely one of people Sal’s known me for a very, very long time. I’ve always been a proponent for education and for certification. And I’ve always said that in this industry, at least segments of the industry and I can mostly only speak from the entertainment side of things, but they’re like, there’s no college degree you can get in DJ, you know what I’m saying? Like, you can’t you can’t go to your favorite University and say, hey, I want to sign up for DJ 101 or some shit, right? Yes, you. You might be able to, you might be able to there. But But I mean, you know, that being said DJ Expo announced Yeah, it was absolutely. So DJ Expo was a great a great place to go get. It’s in Atlantic City. Thanks. Breaking news from bigger and I love it. I love it. So you know a lot of these conferences are great. step in that direction. Yeah. And there’s a lot of people that give seminars and give presentations at these expos and these conventions, but I’d love to see the industry take it a step further and actually offer a certification program. Yeah, something that I’ve always used this analogy and I and I can’t claim to have came up with this analogy on my own, but I heard it from somebody else. But like, when you go get your car fixed, if you go to if you go to a garage, or you go to a mechanic, and you see that that certification, this is a sc or AC e or whatever the hell it says certified, like nobody knows what the hell AC E is probably other than the guy that got it. But if you see that hanging up on the wall for mechanic a, and you don’t see that hanging up on the wall for mechanic B, there’s a good chance you probably will go with mechanic a, because we have been conditioned, we have been conditioned to know that that means something. Yeah. And that says name has the EPA certification, which is a great thing, too. And I think that’s something that I think that the EPA certification is something that’s really overlooked, actually, for a long time, myself and Mark Burgess, you know, a good friend of ours. Were, I believe the only two people in the state of Florida that actually had the EP certification. Yeah. So it’s very overlooked. And it is something that can be offered through name and people that are DJs should really should really look into that. But here’s the deal. If I was talking to a potential client, I said, Well, why are you certified? They’d be like, what the hell does that mean? Right? So we as an industry have to really, I’m sorry, I was just I was just looking at this thing here. I know, I know what he means. Okay. I’m just saying, I know that. I know that it means endorse professional entertainer, I’m one of them. What I’m saying is a client would have no clue what that means. Because we as an industry, we as an industry have not worked hard enough to make that mean, the same thing as that ACC or was it ASC or whatever the hell it is. That’s up on that mechanics, what I’m saying, you know

what I mean, right? I mean, like, I’m Premiere Pro certified, but like, to the to the vent to the couple, it’s like, or to anyone, they’re just like, whatever, bro. Like, I mean, I don’t care like but what can you do with your videos and stuff like that? So like, I think they’re more focused on the end product. But I mean, I agree with what you’re saying complete, like, it would be awesome to have some sort of general standardization for like, Oh, this is a DJ certification. Like, this is just the DJ certification. This is the, you know, videography, cinematography like certification, right? I definitely, I would definitely

and it needs to be something that as an industry, it needs to be something as an industry that we really all push to make it something that’s valuable. Johnsons. Carly, Carly knows how to greet everyone with the bubbly at TPC. Hell yeah, that’s awesome.

We like to do a while event, you know, because we know that first impressions are everything. So every site visit, I email our fantastic staff. And you know, let’s say, we have a site visit at 11 o’clock, I always find out ahead of time, how many people are coming for the site visit. And one of the things we do is have our our team come down with a bucket of champagne. It’s for people, they pour four glasses of champagne, and we give that to them and we celebrate them, I take pictures of them, congratulations. And they’re they’re always like, Oh my gosh, nobody does. This is awesome.

Next level, and that’s another level of just service. And just to that to those people, man, that’s amazing. Me here, we start

that relationship, like right there. You’re a first class act, and it follows the venue. And then once we’re done with the site visit, just because I’m trying to touch on listening to what their vision is, what is their dream? What have they seen it? What is they like and don’t like, what do they want theirs? What do they don’t want it theirs? And so once we go through the whole, you know, clubhouse and outside, and I’m trying to pull in what they’re saying to me, like, Can you see yourself there with that vision we just talked about, you know, it’s like a real detour. You know, you go into a house, you take yourself cooking your, you know, Sunday dinner in this kitchen. It’s the same thing I do for them. But then you also see my knowledge, my experience, my compassion, you know, everything, I’m going to be there and a lot of the people will say, because of you, you made it so easy, that that’s why we’re coming to TPC, and they see how the staff acts and how great obviously, the building and the venue is, but it’s just the whole team approach. And that’s what I love, David that you say, you know, it’s not an AI world. It’s really not I mean, it takes a village, it takes a team. There is no im team and I couldn’t do what I do without the great team that I have at TPC truly I could not we get Grades reviews all the time. And all the time. It’s always the staff or food, the environment, the way we were treated the way we were made to feel. And I just believe, you know, you’re born on this earth to serve others. And that’s how I serve. And you know, when you serve the gratification, you get back to see after planning for a year, some of mine a year and a half, I plan. And then you see that day come together after they, you know, we’ve gone through some ups and downs and changes and whatever. And then they come to that day, and you see it all on their face. And that’s all I need. That’s all we need is just, we made you happy because we can do this again. Well, some people,

we’re not gonna do this. Yeah, can’t do this.

Man, I think we’re just getting like, just great wisdom drops. And I just want to add the point of serving others, man, that’s, that’s so powerful. And I think I’m seeing that I see that through you, Carly, I see that I see what David has been helping as helping me over over the time that I’ve known him. And and I really hope I can do the same for people. And I mean, I look at it in the ways like I’m serving people with through video. I mean, that’s how I can serve people is through through you know, providing seeing them in that way, you know, is amazing, too. So yeah, man, just continue to put that out there. And I good things happen. It’s just

forward. That’s right. No, someone gave me a break when I was younger and gave me that chance. Right? And I can do nothing but be thankful and help the next generation or someone else who’s like, tell me you know what your secret is, or whatever. You know, and also loving what you do also shines other people see like, you’re really good at your job. I’m really good at my job because I love my job. I love helping people I love

dreams come true. Coming from a place of wealth in your own life. So yeah, that’s amazing. So

you know,

yeah, just want to touch here for a second that Sal says there. There really should be an industry certification. One of the problem is our own industry, you know, unlike mobile beat has two iPhones on the cover and a mixer. You know, I mean, I kind of get what you’re saying so, but but I’ll be honest with you, like, I don’t know, like if somebody can figure out how to use two iPhones and a mixer on you know and DJ with it. I don’t really have a problem with that to be honest with you. I mean, that’s all them but but but to me it’s it’s just understanding the professionalism within our industry where we really our own worst enemy and and bigger and says be decent. Be humble. That’s a heck of a moment right there. I teared up man, we’re I think we’re all tearing up tonight big urns getting emotional over here. Earl says in every industry there should near maybe be standard and a certification for the customer has expectations for what they hire the staff for and and that’s a very good point. And you know, I’ve said this a lot of times on our show we deal with and I want to preface this with this is not a negative comment. We deal with some of the most ignorant clients on the planet. And what I mean by that we all know there’s a difference between ignorance and stupidity. stupidity means, you know better and you do it anyways. Ignorance means you just don’t really know, you just don’t really know. Yeah, so a lot of the clients that we deal with that are coming to us, they just don’t really know. They don’t know what they’re getting into. They don’t know what questions to ask. They don’t know any of this stuff. And so as an industry if we worked harder to, and not the, I gotta remember not to cuss, not the BS stuff that you see being delivered to them by some hacker writer on some magazine or some website, right? It’s never worked in an event in their entire life, and they’re trying to give people advice on what the hell to do. Like I’m talking about real true, legitimate stuff. Yeah. Then, then a lot of these barriers would all already be broken down before they ever even came to us. And we wouldn’t be offended by how much do you charge? Because think about how many people in our industry are offended by how much do you charge? And well, of course, what else are they going to ask you? They don’t know anything else to friggin ask you. Right? So it’s not like they’re trying to offend you.

They just don’t know any better. And I like I like what Carly said, just to add to her point, I like how like itpc are leading people to like, do you see how do you see yourself here? Can you see yourself here? I absolutely love that. You know, in terms of video, like I’m always I have an archive of videos like like, what what video resonated with you the most? Or what style do you like the most? You have? You really have to lead them through? Yes, that’s for sure. And

to Sal’s point here and I agree with you, Sal. You’re right. So he says yes. But you know, as I do, the music is a smallest part of what we do to do at a wedding Excuse me. They call it as DJ but we both know we’re a coordinator and MC. Not just anyone can do what we do. And I agree with that. And that’s the reason why I’m saying that to me. This really has to start within like honestly As an industry and I’m not just talking about DJs, although a lot of us on here are DJs. But we have to believe in ourselves first as an industry. Yeah. Like we have to believe in ourselves first as professionals. And as what Sal says, not everybody can do what we do is think about, you know, I don’t know when the last statistic was, but whatever the hell it was. They said that the worst fear in America is no, no, the worst fear in America is public speaking. Yeah, citing in front of a second is sorry, yeah. So getting up in front of a group of people in speaking is like, the worst fear in America. And a lot of us in this industry do it every single weekend of our lives, right? Every single weekend of our Mad, Mad respect to people who can literally get up and just start talking in front of like, 100 200 300 people. Yeah, yeah. All right. Let me get off my soapbox for a minute here. JOHN, john says to Carly, because really your questions should be for our guests. Yeah, but we’ll answer questions but we brought Carly on and we want her to have her due time. So Carly, any funny wedding moments.

They go on for days, but

do some give us some highlights. What are the top two or three you remember?

Oh, they’re funnier like

kind of disappointment maybe but I’ve had a best man give a toast and he used the drums ex girlfriend’s name instead of the bride.

I’ve actually seen that have you?

know it’s I’m trying to think I mean we had

I was just want to call them happy moments. Like I had a we had a bride who was a dancer a backup dancer for I don’t forget the song, but she actually did that same dance with all of her girls. They were like cheerleaders want to get the whole choreographed dance? For the groom? It was fun. Um, let’s see. No funny. I think more. Or I think I see more sad which is which is hard when you get divorced. And issues with families. That’s my hardest thing. When I hear a bride’s day. Well, my sister’s not going to come because we don’t talk or it’s just my father’s not coming. Because


just you know, I will. Yeah,


will just find the highlight and just go with that. Because Yeah, I don’t know. But I think I think we need some of the toasts are very funny. And then summer. We want to get the hook and you know,

just ran out of there.

All right, you’re done. Speaking of kind of funny dad joke kind of toast the the groom are the best man. Sorry, the the best man of the wedding that I did on Sunday. Starts off his best man speech with man. It’s so emotional in here tonight. The cake is even in tears.

Ah. Oh, wow. Tears of cake.

Yeah. All right. Well, I can’t believe we’re awesome. We’re already almost at an hour. Carly, can we keep you around for a little while longer? Of course you don’t mind all right. Perfect. Cuz we got a lot of fun to go through. So let’s see here. amazing job and continue success, Carly and making everyone’s dream day. Man. You got some real fans on here, Carly. I think you got it. You have like some plants that joined us on here. I’m just kidding. Every one of these words are well deserved. All right. Before we get into the fun stuff. I want to I want to throw this question at you. Megan says dad jokes for sure. Give give the people watching maybe your top maybe your top two or three biggest lessons you’ve learned from the transition to owning your own business to where you are now. And and just that journey, what are maybe two or three high level lessons you’ve learned maybe that could really help people in their journey because we’re dealing at a time where quite honestly, there could be people that are going to be dealing with this same situation faced with this same situation, bro, as we speak right now.

No, I got real close. You did? Yeah, absolutely. Did about it. And yeah, so I’d love to hear this for sure.


It’s interesting, because I’m gonna tell you some physical things. And then they’ll probably be some emotional things too, when the physical things which I never kind of put it together. And so people started asking me, How on earth did you go from video nurse to a wedding planner. And there were so many similarities in so many things that I use today. Number one, working in an ICU, you have to be patient. You have to be on you have to think on your toes. You have to love to help people. You need to have be an advocate for them. You have to be organized. You just Gotta be ready for anything. And that’s kind of how it wasn’t Nikki, I had to be ready for the next baby to have a code. But I have to see the fines before. It’s kind of like what wedding planning is like, I got to that, you know, if they if the bride goes on Pinterest, which God love Pinterest, but they all need an intervention, I’m just saying right now, because they a lot of them do their Pinterest stuff. And, you know, they see something and they want all this and this and this and this. And I want to say yes, as much as I can. Because if that’s their dream, that’s their dream. But there’s some times logistically, and realistically, things are not going to work. And so I have to be the one to be like, okay, let’s think that through, okay, because of this, and this, and this, and this, how about, we do it like this. And they’re, they’re very open, because they know the knowledge and experience that I have. So having the physical things that you need, that’ll help you stay organized, and all that. But the emotional, I think the number one is the number one thing is you need to believe in yourself, you need to know that you’re the person for this job, you can help those people and to find a way to connect with people with the couple. And the last best thing is to listen. And we always hear that you got two of these in one of these, you need to use these, because they’re even in nursing, even in medical field, though, your patient will tell you what’s wrong with them, the doctor, and the nurse will have to do much just listen to what your patient is saying. And same thing in wedding industry. They’re going to tell you what they want, and just listen. And then I can pretty much now the venue that I’m out make everything happen for them, but from fireworks to Rolls Royces to whatever they want. But it’s just nice to see people dream a little bit and have that vision. But sometimes when dad sitting there, we got to like, like, hear the dream weaver.

So it’s fun. No, that’s awesome.

But believe me, I love the I love the two ears and one mouth. Yeah, I really love that analogy. That’s so great.

And I really just feel like it’s apparent. But I mean, I feel like your compassion from nursing and healthcare really translated pretty pretty perfectly to what you’re doing right now.

It’s so funny, cuz I’ll tell the dads like my closing. No thing is before he signs a contract. I’m like, Dad, here’s the little bonus you get. I’m a nurse. So if you happen to have a heart attack from the bill, I just bring you back to LA.

That’s great.

So john, john wants to know, are you booked through 2021? Do you have any spaces available?

Very little. Wow, look at that.

Guy’s books. All right. You want to get married Monday at like, 11:30am? Because we can teach in there, bro. We got you like two hours. All right, Nick. Let’s for those of you that stuck around proud of you proud of you for doing that. Thank you guys for for sticking around. If you if you did, let’s see real quickly. Kevin says hello, I heard about you from Sal. And I’m glad he did. This is very interesting. Thank you, Kevin. Thank you for that. Thank you for checking in. We hope you’ll stick around. Thanks. So and then we got it. Hey, from Facebook user, tell us who you are. Because all we see is Facebook user. Sorry, we don’t know who that was. We want to address you accordingly. Yeah, this has become probably the favorite, maybe most requested, maybe highest watch segment of our show, which I’m not sure if that’s good or not bigger and says let’s go. He already knows what’s coming up. Yeah. So big, big shout out to our good friends at pod decks are good buddies at pod decks for helping us do this. We are going to ask questions, Carly, me and me and Nikki are going to ping pong back and forth. And we’re going to ask questions to you and to each other. And the audience, of course can participate as well. And this is typically the funny part of the night, Christina. Hey, thanks for being on awesome flowers, guys. If you’re if you’re in the Jacksonville area, this is this is definitely somebody you want to reach out to if you need flowers from North Florida area, not just Jacksonville, but you know, North Florida area. Christina does some amazing job with the work that she does there. So thank you for watching. Thank you for checking in. So you wanna go first? You want me to go go for a run. All right. All right, Carly. So here we go. And we’re gonna we’re gonna in

we’re gonna turn these down. Yeah.

And respect and an honor to our good friends at TPC, sawgrass, who we love very much and hope will continue to keep having us come back over and over again. We’re going to keep this PG well. Last week was

rough. It was a very, very tough week. That was a that was I felt dirty after we did that. So this will be a nice like cleansing.

Yeah, yeah, definitely. That’ll be good. You’re very welcome, Christina. We truly love you and thank you for checking in with us. Alright, so here we go.

It was Savage. throw that out. There was a bigger and better comment. Oh,

yeah, it was. It was savage you’re not you’re not kidding. Okay, here we go. So people watching post, you’re in Answering the comment, Carly, you go first. Nick, you go second. If you could read one person’s mind, who would it be?


anybody dead or alive? Although if they’re dead probably won’t be much going on but still, let’s pretend that maybe they were alive and you want to do it then one person and go first person that comes to mind.

Wow, these are hard you got

Elon Musk. Dude, what is going on in your brain bro here

JJ is a great one. That’s a great one great beers cuz

I really want to know what’s going on in her brain. Yeah,

same. I would have went something

crazy out there. Yeah, that’s so cool. Thank you, David. Your turn slacking me.

You said Ilan musk. Um, you on musk? Oh, yeah. Yeah. What do you say,

you know, picker, and there’s not much going on and Britney Spears Britney? Yeah, I’m sure. You know, most people who know me know that I’m a Wu Tang clan fan. So I would love to Riza would be my my guy. That would definitely be my dude. He I think he’s mad intelligent. I think that. You know, when you’re in a rap group and all this stuff, there’s people that have this preconceived notions about people. But this dude is like intelligent on a level. That’s unbelievable. So I think it’d be fun. I doubt that would be my pick. Guys. All right, you’re up.

If you could live anywhere in the world, where would where would that be?

anywhere in the world? Or would it be

already? No, mine. Okay, Fiji Island. Oh,

yeah, I was gonna say some flag. You know those pictures where they show you like the Tiki huts out in the middle of

like Maui.

Yeah, like that. But


What about you, Nick?

I would live in the rain forest. The rain forest with animals. I’m just kidding. Yeah, no, I would live I would probably live somewhere like, dude, honestly. Like the mountains. Like I love the mountains. Yeah, that would kind of be like my my scene. Maldives. Yeah. Bigger and Maldives.

As I say it, I think it is. I don’t know. Is it is it Maldives or maldi? is I think it’s maldita. Like, oh, wow, the Maltese Falcon. Yeah, Bora Bora. Bora Bora. Alright guys, check in with us. Give us your comments. Let us know your answers. Bigger is the big the big talker tonight. But everybody you guys are welcome to check in. It’s very, very well played. I can always count on earn for the humor guy love him. We just need to bring him on. Yeah. Like all the time. He needs to just come

to Florida.

Yeah, Ern. Can you can you and Aaron just moved to Florida. Can you guys just bring your whole operation you got going on to Florida and just be here with us? Look, they’re up on it now. I love it. That’s too funny. All right. Whose turn is it? I think it’s fine. All right. Carly, what is something you don’t mind paying more money for?

It’s fair, it’s a good question.

Gosh, yeah.

There’s a couple different things. Um,

Ooh, that’s a solid answer. That’s a good solid,

solid answer. Oh, that’s a great one.


I would say like in a restaurant, like really good food. If it’s like, I hear about a great restaurant. I want to go there. And I better get my money’s for it. So. But I have TPC which is fantastic. Yeah.

That’s a great meal.

Oh, my hair. I think this is Christina still saying? Yep. I hear.

I pay for that.

Get to have fun. Have fun.

I would say tattoos. Don’t cheap out on your tattoos. I would I would pay good money for a nice solid piece from a good artist. That’s respectable. Well, that’s well played. I agree with that. Yeah, I agree. All right. Cool. Do you

have to

use Nick? I want one very badly.

At the moment,

David, we know David’s guts. Do you

have any tattoos currently? That’d be a good project. Oh,

yeah. Do you have any tattoos? I do


Do you think you’ll ever get one before? Before it’s over?

No. Well, this is funny. My daughter’s got a lot of tattoos. She loves them. She’s got Bible verses. She’s got whatever all over. Doesn’t mean one day. Hey, mom. Why don’t we get matching tattoos?

I’ve heard that.

I’ve heard. So we can bond. Better. I said girl the minute. I birthed you we

bonded so Right, right. Yeah.

My mom and I are planning on getting a crime clown right here.

No, you’re not.

So before you go, real quick story. So both of my daughters we have we have matching tattoos. Yes. Yeah. So my youngest daughter, when we go to get tattoos together. She literally says to the tattoo artists. Is there a way you can do a test buzz you Yeah, and he’s like, he’s like, Listen, you don’t understand if I do a test buzz, it’s still there permanent. Like she wanted to know what it would feel like so before he did though, there’s gonna be some dots. Yeah, yeah, so that one cuz I don’t um, yeah so so no no test buzz you just gotta you either got to get it or don’t get at her. I’m

gonna go with Hannah. Just gonna go ahead I tattoo There you go. Yeah.

All right. That’s

what holiday do you think is nonsense? Nonsense? Yeah. Like why Why is that a thing?

I don’t know I am a holiday person.

I kind of like those two. I mean,

but I

mean, I think sometimes it gets out of control with like every day is something Yeah, like like it’s like national. Where you’re where you’re only right sock? Yeah.

Yeah. So elephantitis day right? doesn’t really know That’s it? I don’t know. I don’t even know if it does or not. I don’t know. All right. We move in my turn. Yep. All right. So in the in the spirit of October, national horse jockey day. See Kurt. I’m telling you Carl, you got to be careful with us. It big Ern gets on a roll and we get on a roll. This could go south really fast. At the end, we’re good. Yes, we’re almost done. All right. So in honor of it being very close to Halloween. Speaking of holidays. My question for you, Carly is what type of entity do you think would have the most interesting podcast? Would it be a ghost a werewolf or a vampire? And why?


Hmm. Wow.


I mean, I just think vampires are fascinating. How would you watch them because you couldn’t put a light on them? Right? Right. So that would be kind of difficult. What was the other one ghost?

A ghost a werewolf or a vampire?

I mean,

I don’t know. I think it I’m gonna say a ghost.

Why do you think

you did with ghosts? Yeah. in Daytona there was a hotel there that they did say was haunted. And there were many guests who stayed there that had stories of seeing or hearing a ghost in the house. And that’s still like that today. And I’m just like, always like, okay, I built a new house. I built I just built a new house. Just so I would never have that kind of

we’re good this there. I know what’s happened here unless died on the job.

That would be kind of interesting.

Earn with it with the jokes.

So john says, Carly which divorced which famous divorced couple would you work with to see them together? Again? That’s a good question.

I like that. Mm hmm.

There’s so many.

Let’s say Rachel and Dave Hollis.


That’s a cargo van quevedo.

She where she is a motivational speaker. They have a podcast together two podcasts. One is rise and one is rise together. And they just recently got divorced it for children. That’s really fun. But they were a very motivational like we do or like they’re the cutest couple of either, you know, seminars together and now their divorce and just watching the two of them on their own kind of journeys doing their own thing.

It’s kind of like those two, those two people on HDTV that had like that crystal fixer and they had like that house flipping show and then they got divorced. And then she married some other dude, and then she’s having like, ASD or some shit. And then now all of a sudden they’re doing a show again together. And I’m like, This is so weird. Yeah, yeah. All right, we got we got one more each. And then we’re gonna and then we’re gonna we’re gonna roll.

This one is. What’s the simplest way you know how to have fun.

All I need is my karaoke machine and a microphone.

Line. Favorite song to sing. This is not my question. By the way. You just prompted me to ask

so many a

Wynonna Judd songs for sure. And I love Luke combs. I can sing that crap out of those nice and when I drink I sound even better.

Right? At least to me. Most people most people feel that way. I think

dude honestly.

Go ahead and answer this question. What’s the question I already forgot. The simplest way

you know how to have fun the

simplest way I know how to fun you know actually I got I’m gonna be honest with you I agree with bigger and put me in a group of like minded people. I love to learn as much as I love to teach. So if I can be around a group of people who not only can I pass on some words of wisdom hosts, hopefully, but I can also learn from them. Yeah, that’s fun to me. Do you have me like those late night combos? Bro? Like, oh by the fire pit? Yeah, those are for me to where you can like just

a group of karaoke singers but we

don’t be together

that’s too good. All right, your your answer on that one or do we or I would have said just those those those deeper conversate for him cool. So yeah, in Coachella bro. Exactly. Dude. Our our place became like this metaphysical like realm dude. It’s like a spiritual portal. Yeah.

We were just like talking. I felt like I was hovering over the pool a few times.

Yeah, it was cool. It was like, yeah, there’s three. I’m like deep combos, man is my favorite stuff anyway. Yeah. All right,

last question of the night and then we’re gonna let everybody go. And thanks, Carly. Carly, we’ll let you go. Although we want to keep you for just a quick second after we go off of life, if you don’t mind. Alright, so last question for everybody. Here it is. If you were a superhero, who would you choose to team up with?

Um, I have a wrong reason. And I have a right reason.

I was a superhero. Yeah, if you were a superhero, who would you choose to team up with? It’d be another superhero. I mean, that would probably be a good idea. But right. It’s up to you.

Yeah. Bigger than that. Exactly what I’m thinking, bro.

Yeah, please do. Please do. All right, you know. Rewind and listen to my comment earlier. We love the wonderful people at TPC, sawgrass. And we have them. Yes. Want us to keep coming back.

It’s two different two different things.

Um, gosh, Kevin says,

fan. I just

felt like Wonder Woman

Wonder Woman like was I grew up with Wonder Woman. Wonder Woman. And who would I? I don’t know who’s her? Who does she go with Superman? I don’t know.

I no longer than me. That’s all I wonder why is it so powerful? You know what’s interesting to me that you bring up Superman because you do kind of strike me as the Lois Lane like, like, we got spider like, perfect, like TV host kind of like, ladies and gentlemen, you’re tuned in to the karlie show where we’re gonna talk about job stuff today. Like karaoke and wedding planning. Right? Like, I think you could host an amazing show like that. No doubt. No doubt, you’re a natural.

I want to be I got invited once to I did some modeling earlier on in my time, whatever. I did some commercials for the Daytona, a poker room. I did the commercial for the YMCA in Orlando. I also was a planner for Harley Davidson. So if you want to get married 2011 Bike Week, you’ll see my video there that we did, we did a world record for the most amount of weddings on a bike. Or our normal. So we did 75 weddings at day 65 or Bowery nose 10 where the actual first time weddings for these people were trying to break a world record. But it was hard to get the Guinness Book there but right. You know, it was a good deal. We raise money for their charity. And it was it was a fun time. But through the modeling, they had had a host for QVC, which is over in Tampa that they had called me about and I’m just like,


yeah, I think one day I would love to do something fun like that. I’d love to do a show or I don’t know. I’m so perfectly.

You could definitely do it. No doubt. So I agree.

educating myself, you know, because I don’t I mean, I love what I do now, but we’ll see.

What’s in currently do a live wedding on your V cast, guys.


that would be that would be pretty dope. That would be epic. We should do that. Yeah, that would be so we should

get a full Indian wedding coming up Sunday. But I don’t know about that.

I think we should. I think we should try to swing that. That’d be a lot of fun. So that’d be a lot of fun. Yeah. Well, Carly, thank you so much for joining us. I know we were way over time here. And but it was a lot of fun. But not only was a lot of fun. It was very informative. I think. I think everybody like it looks like we had we had a decent group of people who stuck around for a majority of the show. So we love you guys for doing that. And Carly, we appreciate having you on and we definitely want to have you back on and join us. Definitely.

Yeah, this was great.

guys. Thank you for watching. As always, thank you for watching. Next week we have a good friend of ours Jan Spence coming on today. Talking about sales. All right. So if you’re struggling with sales, if you’re having some challenges with sales, you definitely want to join us next week at 7pm Yep. You know. And then the week after that is when Matt Peterson from name will be coming on and joining us. We’ve got some we got a really, I mean, Carly, you really have kicked off a nice lineup of a Next, you know, group of guests coming up. And that doesn’t discredit any of the guests that were here prior to you. Because we’ve definitely had some home runs join us and, and we love that. So we’re gonna keep it going. Those of you guys that are watching, we’d love you guys for watching. As always give us your comments always give us your feedback. This show is for you guys. It’s not for us. We have a lot of fun. This show is for you guys. So we want to make sure that what we’re doing and what we’re delivering and what we’re providing you guys is what you need to make your business a better business. So keep letting us know what that is. It’s all about the community. And we’ll keep building a community with you guys. Thank you. We’ll see you guys next week if we don’t see you before that, Carly, thank you so much. Thanks. See you guys next time.