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On episode 27 we will be joined by Gabriel Garzaro, Mike Villa, Matt from Request Now, Luke Renchan, and more surprise guests to kick off 2021!!

Gabriel Garzaro
CEO of The Social Vibe, Inc, an Entertainment, Lighting, and Special Effects Company out of Central California. Father of 2 amazing boys, Husband to his High School Sweetheart for the past 13 years. A crazy optimist who loves laughing, latin music, and most of all DANCING. Gabriel, a financial advisor for 7 years left a secure 6 figure position 7 years ago to pursue his dream of being around music for the rest of his life. His passion and hunger for success have led him to build a family of like-minded DJs and has taken himself from solo-op to multi op, from barely making it, to a multi 6 figure business that has allowed him to share his blessings with others in the industry. Gabriel considers himself mildly successful but fully blessed and says being hype is his superpower that is leading him to pursue public speaking.

Now the co-creator of Master the Levels Mastermind, he is taking DJ’s who are hungry to make this a viable and sustainable living, and teaching them the tricks of the trade that have allowed him to live the life he could only dream of as a kid. a mastermind gear to giving DJ’s the tools that allowed his company to only take a 25% decrease in gross revenue in 2020 (during a PANDEMIC).

Mike Villa
COO of The Social Vibe and Premium DJ. Husband and father to a future DJ according to my 2-year-old. Graduate of Scratch DJ Academy, Los Angeles. Semi-Finalist of the 2020 DJ of the Year Battle. Content Creator for Master The Levels Mastermind. Content Creator for Crate Hackers, the largest paid DJ community in the USA. Featured mixer for Direct Music Service, Crate Gang Radio, and Play FM Radio. Co-Host of the Crate Hackers Podcast.

Topics Discussed:⁣⁣⁣⁣⁣⁣⁣⁣⁣⁣

  • Relationships are the new currency
  • Being yourself is more valuable than you think
  • Working and Hustling are NOT the same thing

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